1. Butterfly language

    VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): “You cannot use butterfly language to
    communicate with caterpillars,” said psychologist Timothy Leary. That’s
    good advice for you to keep in mind in the near future. You might want to
    find a way to carry on constructive dialogs with people who have a hard
    time understanding you. It’s not necessarily that they are stupid or
    resistant to your charms. The problem is that they haven’t experienced
    some of the critical transformations you have. They can’t be expected to
    converse with you in your butterfly language. Are you willing and able to
    speak caterpillar?

    - Rob Brezny’s Astrology Newsletter



  3. slaughterhouse90210:

    “And there is another feeling that is a great consolation in poverty. I believe everyone who has been hard up has experienced it. It is a feeling of relief, almost of pleasure, at knowing yourself at last genuinely down and out. You have talked so often of going to the dogs — and well, here are the dogs, and you have reached them, and you can stand it.”
    ― George Orwell, Down and Out in Paris and London


  4. retrocampaigns:

    … yeah, I don’t really know why I made this, either.

    Via the Brady National Photographic Art Gallery / National Archives

    Hypnotic Abe.



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  6. Dapper as f*ck.


  7. Umm, yes please.

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  8. nogreatillusion:

    Oh Land - Renaissance Girls



  10. papermagazine:

    MIA photographed by Jessica Craig Martin. From “Bad Girl," Paper, November 2012.

    Suck it, Monday


  11. jennyowenyoungs:

    IGGY AZALEA - Fancy

    new favorite thing alert.

    Playing this on repeat.


  12. huffingtonpost:


    By Daniel Hashimoto, a Dreamworks animator, who uses his professional skill set to make the best home videos ever.

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  13. shakeshack:

    In honor of D.C.’s National Cherry Blossom Festival, the F Street and Dupont Shacks will be dishing up an exclusive-to-D.C. concrete called “Cherry Pie Oh My,” featuring vanilla frozen custard blended with a slice of delicious cherry pie from our buds at Dangerously Delicious. It’s available March 31- April 14. Short and sweet.




  15. nogreatillusion:

    Lykke Li - Get Some

    Rock out.