1. City of light on Flickr.

    I have been to up in the Eiffel Tower twice, both times it was too foggy and gray to take proper photos. At least this time I came away with a shot from the ground of the tower lit up. So twinkly!


  2. Busker on Flickr.

    This guy totally shredded in front of Sacre Couer.


  3. Nice, France


  4. Even cellphones need beauty sleep (Taken with Instagram at Gare SNCF)




    LONELY ISLAND   An aerial view shows Mont Saint-Michel, a tourist attraction and Unesco World Heritage site, in northwestern France Thursday. The Gothic-style Benedictine abbey is built upon a rocky tidal island.  (Photo: Kenzo Tribouillard / AFP-Getty via the Wall Street Journal)


  6. In 2012, I shall conquer France! Found out a few days ago that I will get to go to Paris and then take the train around France for a few days with a friend - very exciting, I have much planning and plotting to do.


  7. I Love You wall, Paris - it has “I Love You” written in 1,000 languages.