1. City of light on Flickr.

    I have been to up in the Eiffel Tower twice, both times it was too foggy and gray to take proper photos. At least this time I came away with a shot from the ground of the tower lit up. So twinkly!


  2. Busker on Flickr.

    This guy totally shredded in front of Sacre Couer.


  3. In 2012, I shall conquer France! Found out a few days ago that I will get to go to Paris and then take the train around France for a few days with a friend - very exciting, I have much planning and plotting to do.


  4. London vs. Paris


  5. sunsurfer:

    Christmas, Place de la Concorde, Paris, France.

    photo from designutrust

    (via despicablealexis)


  6. I Love You wall, Paris - it has “I Love You” written in 1,000 languages.


  7. IKEA takeover, Paris Metro